Hazarimal Somani College of Arts and Science, Shri Manubhai Maneklal Sheth Junior College of Arts And Science and Jayaramdas Patel College of Commerce and Management Studies, Chowpatty, Mumbai 400007

About Us

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, founded by Kulapati Dr. K.M Munshi on 7th November 1938, has grown from small beginnings into an All India intellectual, cultural and educational movement. It covers all aspects of life from the cradle to the grave and beyond. Bhavan’s effort is to build a modern bridge spanning the past, present and the future. It stands for the reintegration of Indian culture in a world falling to pieces under the impact of an amoral technological avalanche. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a totally apolitical organization, is looked upon by Munshiji as an ‘adventure in faith’. It is just not in India’s past, present and future but also in Indian people, who have a rich and unbroken cultural heritage.
The Bhavan firmly believes that there are elements in all cultures which transcend all barriers and knit people together.
Its ideal is:


“The world is One Family”

It’s Motto is:


“Let Noble Thoughts come to you from every side”

Our Mission and Vision statement is derived from the teachings of Munshiji viz.: the purpose of any educational institution is not only for providing training, information or skills for better jobs but more importantly to infuse a sense of devotion to higher values and introduction of seriousness of purpose in the broader sense of translating them to life with dedication. Munshiji believed in ‘Creative Education’ referred to as Bharatiya Vidya. It is just not enough to only develop the intellectual life of the students. It must be accompanied by moral and spiritual development. What is important is provision of value-based education. The value of education lies in cultivating all faculties of the student and making him fit for the eventualities and relations of life.

Our vision is to foster an environment where students achieve self-fulfillment in their lives and thereby become useful citizens of the society. The students are encouraged to grow morally, intellectually and socially through inculcation of basic values such as honesty, dedication, hard work and excellence. In fact healthy habits, concern for others and imbibing of cultural and aesthetic values form the basis of Bharatiya Shiksha. True knowledge demands an alert curiosity, as rightly said; a heart that watches and receives, in a state of wise passiveness, such knowledge alone helps in combining self respect with an important outlook on life. Higher education must help us to be educable, rather than educated. We should have a well integrated personality which can learn and adapt itself effectively all through our life to an ever changing environment. Rightly do the scriptures tell us,

‘Where there is no vision, the people shall perish’

The ideals of Bharatiya Shiksha which have been handed down to us by Kulapati Dr. K.M. Munshiji are briefly stated below:

1. No promising young Indian of character should be left behind without Bharatiya Vidya, merely for want of funds.

2. Bharatiya Shiksha must be more formative than informative.

3. It must lead him to the highest self fulfillment of which he is capable

4. At some stage it must involve an intensive study of Sanskritic or Sanskritic language

5. It must stimulate the student’s power of expression

6. It must adopt

i. The guru attitude by the teacher ii. The shishya attitude by the student

7. It should teach the younger generation to appreciate and live up to the permanent values of Bharatiya Vidya

8. While equipping the student with scientific & technical training, it must teach the student not to sacrifice an ancient form or attitude to an unreasoning passion for change.

‘AMRUTAM TU VIDYA’ – “Knowledge is Nectar”

is the mission statement of our college. This is stated in the logo of the college printed on our letterhead, cover page of the prospectus, board at the main entrance & the college magazine.

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